Fishing Information

ripcollinsThe Greers Ferry Lake and Little Red River Region one of the few places in the country where it’s possible to fish for largemouth bass, white bass hybrids, walleye and trout all in the same day. Yes, it would be a busy day of fishing, but it is possible for the adventurous and energetic angler. We don’t recommend trying to take all of that fishing in one day though, take it easy, relax and spread your fishing trip out over a few days and fish to your heart’s content. You might even land a trophy if you fish long enough. After all, Greers Ferry Lake still holds the world record for walleye and hybrid striper. And that big old German brown trout caught on the Little Red River is still the world-champion.

Greers Ferry Lake holds world records for Walleye (22 lb 11oz) and Hybrid Striped Bass (27 lb 5 oz). The Little Red River tail water, which feeds into Greers Ferry Lake, holds the current world-record for German Brown Trout (40 lb 4 oz). Trophy-sized fish are common in our waters, come see for yourself, maybe hire on the many fishing guides in the area that will put you “on the fish” in the lake or river. If you are wondering where you will stay, no worries, we have lots of lodging options ranging from campsites, cabins and resort accommodations, that are ready and waiting to make your fishing adventure complete.

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