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Fairfield Bay_DSC_2572The Greers Ferry Lake and Little Red River area of  Arkansas offers exceptional opportunities to explore the great out-of-doors. Whether your tastes run to fishing, boating and other fun on the water or golfing, hiking, biking and hunting, this is a place where you can do it all. Our playground extends from the Ozark foothills to the edge of the delta. Here, you can cast for bass or trout one day and hit the duck blinds the next. In season, of course.This is one of the few places in thecountry where it’s possible to fish for largemouth bass, white bass hybrids, walleye and trout all in the same day. Yes, that’s pushing it, but it is possible for the adventurous and energetic angler.

But, there’s no rush. Take it easy. Relax and fish to your heart’s content. You might even land a trophy if you fish long enough. After all, Greers Ferry Lake still holds the world record for walleye and hybrid striper. And that big old German brown trout caught on the Little Red River held the record for nearly twenty years.

Time to think of Spring activities

Time to think of Spring activities

Splash and swim in sun-kissed Greers Ferry Lake. There’s lots of room to ski and make waves. Boaters, sail boaters, water-skiers, house boaters, scuba divers and the party barge folks all get along because they seldom cross paths in this 40,000 acre expanse of sparkling clear water. And, all around the lake are resorts, bed-and-breakfast inns, marinas, shopping and woodsy green spaces for camping and hiking.

The Greers Ferry Lake and Little Red River area is also a place that you will want to check out if you’re planning to retire or relocate your family in the near future. Excellent medical care, good schools, low crime and low taxes – our host communities offer all the right stuff.





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